Connecting Suppliers and Buyers

Worldwide Transactions

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Connecting Suppliers and Buyers

Secure Trading

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Global Reach

STS is a global secure trading system with over $12 Billion in transactions and over 16 years of proven performance. We specialize in the energy sector and derivative commodities. Clients include over 2,000 Public Sector Entities and over 100 Private Sector clients including Fortune 100 companies and worldwide companies in several different countries to include Saudi Aramco.

State of the Art Software

Our platform allows buyers to normally save an average of 39% thanks to the real-time interactive bidding process.

Simplifying Buying

We bring suppliers together to compete head to head for your business. Our team works with you and takes the headache out of the bidding and procurement process.

Verified Vendors

International transactions can be fraught with regulations, vendors who cannot provide what they say they can and unscrupulous scam artist. STS takes the worry out of national/international transactions. Our Team of analyst have vetted each supplier to assure that they can fulfill their commitment to you.

Our mission statement

STS’s mission is to cost effectively and efficiently solve the two largest problems facing business and government today. Businesses and governments are paying too much for the cost of goods and services, and, there are huge inadequacies in the supply chain mechanism as it exists today. The use of e-solution tools such as the STAC real-time reverse auction has empowered businesses and government agencies to capitalize on our software to save time and money. By aggregating suppliers together in one online location to participate in real-time competitive bidding events, this transparent environment lends itself to driving prices significantly lower as suppliers compete for the business of the purchaser.

Advanced Global Trading Platform

Secure Trading System is based on a platform that is time tested and proven with over 250 Million dollars in transactions over 15 years. Using the STAC (secure trading and commodities) platform, Secure Trading System allows for vendors and purchasers to be highly vetted so that transactions are smooth and effortless. STS acts as a conduit to purchasers allowing them to save money and comply will all government regulations. The STAC system utilizes proprietary technology that has literally saved millions of dollars in government bids, and connected thousands of suppliers with qualified vendors. Simply stated, STAC works.

Significant Savings and Ease

By using the our proprietary suite of products, STS’s customers have saved an average of 39% off historical purchase prices for the items they’ve purchased and were able to complete the transactions in 10% of the time of the traditional paper-based procurement process. We bring suppliers together to compete head to head for your business. Our team works with you and takes the headache out of the bidding and procurement process. We are experts in the oil, gas and derivatives vertical and make the process of finding and working with new suppliers easy. Historically we have also been able to typically significantly reduce the bid for buyers already existing vendors. Even if a buyer uses our system with existing vendors, they almost always see a reduction in cost.

STS – The Numbers

Global Goals